Hydraulic cylinders

The production of hydraulic cylinders is the real strength of our company. The products manufactured are subject to the customer's construction and use specifications and adapt to the most demanding needs of the automation industry and applied mechanics.

Hydraulic cylinders

The production of hydraulic cylinders is the strength of our company. Our products are manufactured following the specifications of the customer’s construction and use project and conform to the most demanding needs of the automation and mechanics industry. They are characterized by complete customization to specific customer needs, are produced with the highest quality materials and subjected to scrupulous standards of processing, assembly and testing.
Safed’s technical staff also takes care of the cylinder design aspect in the event that special hydraulic cylinders are required.

Special fixings, alternative sealing systems, non-standard bore or rod sizes. We also design and build control modules (servocylinders) and sealing (safety solutions and compliance with the machinery directive) installed directly on the actuator. These are just some of the customizations that our company offers.

Technical support and design

We only use our internal specialized technicians for project development and preliminary construction analysis
This allows us to guarantee maximum compliance with the technical requirements and the precision of the finished product. Our specialized technicians are at the complete disposal of the customer who is supported in all the different stages of project development.

The design of a hydraulic cylinder is typically divided into several phases:

  • preliminary analysis
  • feasibility study
  • solution design
  • construction
  • testing
  • delivery

In addition, our company manufactures products based on the customer’s project and design, making its experience available as an added value for the realization of the most suitable solution.
Fields of application

Among the numerous fields of application we mention:

presses, aluminum processing, applications in the naval sector, servicing for the steel industry, applications in the mining sector and large civil works.

Our specialized technicians are available to the customer to find customized design and construction solutions including the use of hydraulic cylinders in aggressive environments such as the naval sector, the use of specific materials for weight reduction and any other specific need in order to obtain an optimized and purely functional solution for the final use of the cylinder.
The numerous solutions implemented include:

  • Special cylinders for presses and machinery for deforming sheet metal in general
  • Special cylinders intended for machinery for molding plastic materials
  • Special single and double acting cylinders for mold locking systems
  • Special cylinders with treatments for the naval sector in the marine environment

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